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Thanksgiving Food Drive & Play Party Fri, Nov 21,'14 at Le Fleur de Lis

Friday, November 21, 2014 · 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Le Fleur de Lis

2021 Rancho Dr, Suite 4, Redlands 

Cost: $20 with 1/2 of all admission proceeds to go towards purchasing turkeys for a local Veteran's organization.

Come celebrate the Thanksgiving season by generously sharing!




Thanksgiving Food Drive & Play Party Fri, Nov 21, 14 at La Fleur de Lis

Admission $20 with 1/2 of all admission proceeds to go towards purchasing turkeys for a local Veteran's organization.



1 box of instant mashed potatoes

1 box of stuffing mix

1 can each of green beans, peas, corn

1 can each of yams and cranberry sauce

1 can turkey broth or gravy

1 cake mix

1 brownie mix

1 box each instant jello, instant pudding

1 jar instant coffee

1 box tea bags

1 32oz bottle (or larger) un-refridgerated fruit juice

1 can each fruit cocktail and other canned fruit

$10 Visa gift card or Grocery Store gift card (to purchase perishable items)

guests will get one free raffle ticket for each of the Scavenger List items


those who complete the scavenger hunt will get ONE (2-hour) rope session (private scene, demonstration or private instruction with GoddessV at a mutually agreed upon time and location in or around the Inland Empire/Orange County area. PLEASE NOTE: ITEM AVAILABLE BETWEEN FEBRUARY 2015 and AUGUST 2015.


Membership to Le Fleur de Lis

Candle/Wax Play set by Eros-in-Chains

Single tail whip by Alex_the_Great

50ft of pink solid braid .25" pink nylon rope by Alex_the_Great

1 hour Custom rope scene with GoddessV

Dragon Knife donated by Osgar

Assorted paddles donated by Bullmoose paddles courtesy of _Sassy75_


$1 off admission for each non expired item of canned food product.

1 free party (for future use) for each (sealed) case of canned food product .


Electricity Play: Introduction to TENS unit play Sat, Nov 22, '14 at La Fleur de Lis

“ Presented by Bishop Darkk and MizNightshade.”

Saturday, November 22, 2014 · 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM 

Cost:  $15 for members and $20 for non-members

Have you ever wanted your bottom to experience something completely different from whips, paddles, floggers and dripping wax?

Have you wanted to make them jump and twitch on your command and the simple push of a button or twist of a knob?

Well, until you have experienced the sensations offered by TENS electrical play, then you won't know what you have been missing.

TENS 101 workshop (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

Better living through the misuse of technology at it's very finest.

Come and learn how to put TENS to use serving you, as well as how to use one on your bottom safely with best effect.

To use serving you, as well as how to use one on your bottom safely with best effect.

Topics to be covered,

Emphasis on safety

basic understanding of how a TENS unit works

how to torment the bottom of your choice without dropping a bundle

History: 1920's to present day.

What is Violet Wand vs. TENS?

how electrode type and placement affects the results you want.

Hands on demonstration period. After the class put your new knowledge to the test by using a few different TENS units, and better understand the differences and strengths of various models.

Bishop Dark is a Dominant with 22 years experience in the lifestyle. He fell into the Leather Scene in the mid-90's and after that, it was goodbye vanilla and he never looked back. Bishop has been giving workshops, spreading the gospel of BDSM, using and building TENS units and creating TENS toys for over fifteen years.

You have heard some people make the defensive claim; "Well, it's not like we are going out and recruiting the public for this!" Well, I am. And now I'm recruiting people to join the ranks of TENS fanatics everywhere who embrace the power of electricity for fun and torment. --Bishop Darkk

So, bring your popcorn, candy and favorite sodas because our workshop will definitely be more entertaining than a movie, and not as expensive.

Memberships to Le Fleur de Lis can be purchased at the door


MKs Education Network Brings to you

Season Beatings and Holiday Greetings

Presenters MK and MC

Friday, December 05, 2013

7:00 PM –9:00 PM  

Holiday Romance = Season Spankings, Kinky Baking, Bondage with Elegance and Glamour, Romantic Foods and so much more... You won’t want to miss this class. It will be filled with everything that you need to make your Christmas holiday PURRRRRFECT. So pull out the yummy leather thongs, satin scarf’s and lace ribbon!!!  

This class will touch on a lot of topics that fold together to make an AMAZING setting for those of you that have been NAUGHTY or NICE!!!! No matter what your gender or title is, the information we will be sharing will be good for all… And all a good night!!!!

Class Requirement’s:

1. Dress Classy and Elegant
2. Bring a guest naughty or nice
3. Bring an open imagination

This is MK’s FAVORITE class of the year, and she can’t wait to see you all there!!! Kinky and naughty thoughts till then…


Dungeon Etiquette 101 & Play Party

“ Presented by MsDiana”

Saturday, December 06, 2014 · 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM 

2021 Rancho Dr, suite 4, Redlands


We learn manners and etiquette as children in order to behave properly in a variety of situations. Whether it's at school, church or at a party, we are encouraged to act in ways which will maximize our interactions. As adults, some of us forget that these courtesies exist. Or we become shy about asking for guidance when the perception is that we should already (or automatically) know. In some situations, NOT knowing can be met with less than a positive reception.

Let's take a look at some of these courtesies, as they apply in a dungeon setting. Granted, "rules" vary from venue to venue, but there are some standard (and almost universal) rules we can apply. And in doing so, we can avoid the pitfalls, the social "faux pas" and increase the "plus factor" potential for the encounter.

In the lifestyle for nearly 40 years, Ms. Diana is the Coordinator of The Threshold Society, on the board of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, and an Executive Committee member of Southern California Leather Woman. She has presented across the country, in Hawaii, and in the United Kingdom on Alternative Lifestyles, and is the Founder and originator of "The Tactile Celebration - A Sensory and Sensuous Journey". An educator for more than 47 years, her degrees include a BA in Theatre and an MS in Psychology (she continues her counseling and lifestyle coaching today). She's been invited to numerous panel presentations at colleges, universities, and organizations around California and outside of the state and views these as opportunities to educate and correct myths and misconceptions, and to give back to the community. Education seems to be the dominant theme in her life. She has judged leather contests locally. In addition, she was given the Person of the Year award by the Los Angeles Leather Coalition at the Southland Honors of 2009.


Impact Play with a Kick! Class & BDSM Play Party Sat, Dec 13, '14 at Le Fleur de Lis

“Beating technique 101…presented by Codi”

Saturday, December 13, 2014 · 5:00 PM –11:59 PM 

Cost:  $15 for members and $20 for non-members


The body is meant to be used. It responds to the force it incurs and when left in “inaction”, withers. Impact play can be sensual, sexual, challenging, creative and rewarding when done properly.

In this interactive workshop,

we will discuss the indications and contraindications for this type of play

you will learn physiological response in the body in an articulated way (some of you might even choose to experience it physically)

you will witness a scene demonstrating basic and advanced techniques

you will learn self care for each side to recover faster and prevent injury.

We are going to talk about beating technique 101 and 201, dos/don'ts, and you will get to watch an actual demonstration.

This type of play is fantastic for those on either side of the blows who love to be challenged, enjoy adrenaline, and want to fully experience their bodies from the inside out.

Codi has been on staff for IMsL and DESIRE since 2012 and 2011 respectively. He has served Head Judge's boy for the SoCal Sir/boy Contest, presented at Berkeley, UCSD, Cal Poly SLO, SDSU, PCC, San Diego Pride, the UFC Church in Palo Alto, and the San Diego LGBT Center on topics regarding identity and intersections of sexuality. He co-presented at Behind Closed Doors, Threshold, Dungeon Servitus, and DESIRE, co-hosts Genderqueer Night Out in San Diego, serves on the committee for San Diego Leather Realm and South Bay City Leather Realm and as part of his business seeks to serve his community in nutritional coaching, fitness training, and massage therapy for those who seek it. Codi jumped into the deep end of BDSM culture first in San Diego, and has been switching it up since 2009.

Class & Party $15.00 Members $20.00 Non-Members


Christmas Party & Charity Toy Drive Sat, Dec 20, '14 at Le Fleur de Lis

Come in and join the fun.
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