Happy Holidays from Le Fleur De Lis 

Kicking Your Kink Out Of The Closet with Bishop Darkk

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 · 7:30 PM –11:59 PM 

Le Fleur De Lis 2021 Rancho Drive Redlands Ca  

Cost:      $10.00 per person and potluck item

Dress code: Casual-Fetish-Lingerie-or Less


With all the recent interest in created by BDSM in the media, suddenly a great deal of repressed sexuality is breaking free of the closet. And the first thing that newly unbound fetish wants, is directions to the nearest place to get tied up!

And there is the rub.

Because once you know what you want is out there, you find yourself a stranger in a strange land who doesn't yet know the landscape, the language or the customs.

How do you learn the language? How do you find out what stuff does before it gets used on you? How do you stay out of trouble, before you know what trouble you want to get into?

Then come to our Kicking Your Kink Out of the Closet event and learn everything you need to know to walk into a dungeon for the first time and not be "that guy/girl" that gets used as a bad example for the next two years.

We will cover a brief history of the scene to date, detail the importance of honesty and communication as the basis for all interaction in the lifestyle, introduce the most common fetish terms and what they mean, then present examples of how to negotiate your own play scene.

We will have a large selection of the different toys you can expect to find in the average toy bag, and local experts will be giving demonstrations and instruction in their various skill sets.

Going to school has never been this much fun or made paying close attention this easy.

Don't be the only person who wasn't here.


Kink and HIV/STDs Class & Needle Play Demonstration 
Friday December 19, 2014 
 “ presented by Eros-in-Chains & Sir Bull”
Friday, December 19, 2014 · 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM  

Location: Le Fleur De Lis

2021 Rancho Dr, Suite 4, Redlands  


There is a lot of misinformation out in the world about how STDs, including HIV, are transmitted. Even less information has been written or documented when it comes to these and kink. I'll do my best to clarify poorly expressed safety concepts floating around the community and go over various foundational kinks and their relative risk for transmission of STD category illnesses. There will also be a demo of Needle play by SirBull where some of that safety is shown first hand.
Cost:  Class & Party $15.00 Members $20.00 Non-Members
Eros-in-Chains worked for 12 years as a HIV Test Counselor and Educator, including 7 years doing so for Riverside County, Department of Public Health, HIV/STD Program.

SirBull "I have been playing this board game for 32 years now seen/scene it all and loved every sick twisted second of it."
This Leather Daddy's precision with needles is extraordinary,
SirBull has presented Kinky Phlobotomy at Desire: Leather Women Unleashed.

Party Will Follow
9:00PM - 2:00AM


Pet Play (primal play) Class Saturday, December 20, 2014 

“ presented by PepperPups & Pollux_green”

Saturday, December 20, 2014 · 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM  

Location: Le Fleur De Lis
2021 Rancho Dr, Suite 4, Redlands  

Cost: $10.00 For Class

Dress casual or pet play attire

Class outline:
1) What is petplay, and how does it differ from "furries" or "otherkin?" How does it fit into the D/s lifestyle?
2) How do you "petplay?" What activities are there?
a. How do you act/roleplay as a dog/horse/other? (for pets)
b. How do you handle/train/talk to your pet? (for trainers)
c. Sexual v. non-sexual petplay.
d. Headspace: how to get into and out of it.
3) Safety precautions in petplay.
4) What gear is involved in petplay? [I will brings my toys! ^_^]
5) Q & A
Pepper moved to Los Angeles two years ago to live with her current owner, Pollux. With a lifelong passion for petplay, Pepper has spent the last two years as an active member in the LA Pony and Critter Club. This year was the first but almost certainly not the last year Pepper and Pollux were able to attend Sin the City in Las Vegas, DomCon LA, Palm Springs Pride, and San Diego Pride. Pepper's greatest achievement so far has been to win Best in Show at DomCon LA. She loves being an animal as much as she likes being around animals; she and Pollux have three bio-dogs at home.

Party Will Follow
9:00PM - 2:00AM


Le Fleur De Lis Christmas Party

Saturday, December 20, 2014 · 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM 

Location: La Fleur De Lis  2021 Rancho Dr, Suite 4, Redlands 

Cost:      $20

Dress code: Your Holiday Finest

Christmas Party & Charity Toy Drive Sat, December 20, 2014 at La Fleur De Lis


Acrylic Handled Flogger

Pair of leather cuffs, one 8in & one 3in spreader bar

Pair of leather cuffs, blind fold, and 3in spreader bar

Pair of leather cuffs, blind fold and 8in spreader bar

Pair of leather suspension cuffs

Pair of leather suspension cuffs

Custom Electro Scene

Custom Impact Scene

Wood Paddle

Wood Paddle

Aja Rope

Bondage Tape

Hand made Leather Collar

Hand made Leather Collar

Pet play Starter set

Must be present to win

Raffle tickets will be available for purchase.

Raffle proceeds will be donated to Pets for Vets


For every unwrapped toy valued at $15 or more, you will receive a free party coupon to be redeemed in 2015!

Toy donations will be given to low income families.


Hey everyone, we'll be closed on January 10th so everyone can support GoddessV on her quest to become
Southern California
   Leather Woman of the year. Below is the information on the event, let's get some car pools together and
make it to the event!!
Also GoddessV needs some items for her "basket" that will be auctioned off at this event.
Please contact her and make an acceptable donation to her "basket".


SoCal Leather Woman Contest & Party

“ It's our 10th Birthday Party ”

Date & Time:

Saturday, January 10, 2015 • 7:00 PM –

Sunday, January 11, 2015 •12:00 PM


Threshold Clubhouse

11300 Hartland St., North Hollywood, CA 91605

Cost: Nothing...it's free!

Dress code: Leather, fetish, party clothes


The SoCal Leather Woman Contest

It's the 10th year Anniversary and we are having an epic birthday celebration

We have a lot of fun, kinky activities planned!

7 PM MEET and GREET-We will have bad ass games, sexy entertainment, food and drink. Think birthday party with a kinky, sexy twist!

9 PM CONTEST- Where a new SoCal Leather Woman will be chosen. These women put their heart and souls into running, let's support them. We will have more entertainment and kinky fun thrown in.

After the contest we will have time to socialize, hang out and have cake, yes there will be CAKE!

Part of this years celebration is to bring together the past title holders of SoCal Leather woman to be our panel of judges. These women are special to us, this is our history and we are proud to have them all together for one evening.

Who will be the next Southern California Leather Woman?

It could be you!

If you are interesting in running for the contest and becoming a representative for your leather community or learning more about the title and it's history, please visit the website and grab the contestant application.


Come in and join the fun.
Book your party with Le Fleur De Lis.

Contact Brieanna at: Info@LeFleurDeLis.Org